Konsep QA Unik

Kalau kamu gabut, coba bikin website QA.

Contoh yang menarik dari si Paperdave. Dia adalah bun.js developer. Gak ngerti kalau di README dia tulis "age=20" bener apa gak (jadi iri wkwk)

Kamu bisa liat bagian Q&A nya di https://paperdave.net/q+a

about the question page

when you type words into the box on the first page. they get transferred to my computer. i type an answer into another box. then it appears on the page. it's like magic, but without the magic.

i do not answer all questions. some people ask very unreasonable things.

data privacy

whatever you type in is going to be stored forever. but during the time between sending and publishing, i keep existing couple tracking details for rate limiting and safety. if you do something abusive, i will block you.

Tech bros indo ada yang menerapkan sistem gini? Ada, biasanya mereka pakai tanyaaja.in biar X akun mereka populer 🙃